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Article by Bull Rider Renee H.
for Z Club of Texas' Extra! newsletter

For those of you who missed the Raging Bull Texas Stampede, you really don't know what you missed and words are not adequate to describe the event properly. It's one of those events that you just had to be there to understand.

The Austin area weather on the scheduled date of Saturday, February 26, did not cooperate by raining all day. It turned out to be a good day to drive to Fredericksburg for lunch and do a little shopping and visit a local winery.

The event was postponed until Sunday and the weather was perfect. Unfortunately, the date change eliminated several people from attending and Mom and I were the only die hards from the club to attend. Jason and Christine T. of Plano also drove down and participated in the event in their 350Z. The final count of 12 cars included: 350Z 35th Anniversary Edition (1), 350Z (1), 300ZX Twin Turbo (2), 300ZX 2+2 (1), 240SX (2), G35 Coupe (3), and G35 Sedan (2).

The Raging Bull Texas Stampede was 275 miles of wonderful twisty roads through the Texas Hill Country which ended at The Oasis restaurant, overlooking Lake Travis. While unwinding and having a little dinner, door prizes were awarded. The prizes were furnished by Rick Kulach, Dealer Operations Manager, South Central Region, Nissan North America, Inc.; Mike Morrison, Parts Manager, Maxwell Nissan-Round Rock, Austin and John Huckelba, a returning Bull Rider from last year's Stampede. Rick Kulach donated a large number of prizes including Nissan dress shirts, Nissan t-shirts, Nissan bottle holders, and 2 tickets to an upcoming Texas vs. Oklahoma college basketball game. Mike Morrison donated, on behalf of his dealership, two Igloo PlentiKool electric coolers. John Huckelba donated a brand new Jim Wolf Technology (JWT) G35 '03+ Pop Charger air filter with heat shield. Thank you to all of the sponsors for their support.

The first modification on my new car will be that very same JWT Pop Charger as soon as I track down the 350Z heat shield. Dad's vacation from modifying my cars sure didn't last long. And thanks to Mom for going with me. Roller coaster screams and all. We seem to be a grand prize winning pair when I can get her to ride with me.

A big thank you definitely goes to The Tourmaster. The roads, the scenery and the maps and instructions were wonderful. I can't wait to see and drive the Stampede route that The Tourmaster puts together for the next event. Maybe in October?

Please visit the event website at for more details and pictures. I will watch this website to find out when the next Stampede will occur. I definitely plan to attend.

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