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March 4, 2005

This year’s Stampede could not take place on the originally scheduled day due to nearly 1.5 inches of rain, but that didn’t stop 12 committed Bull Riders from riding this year’s Raging Bull. There were 21 drivers signed up for the original Saturday Stampede. Then when the weather forecast indicated a nearly 100% chance of rain, it got rescheduled to Sunday. Amazingly, 12 drivers were able to show up on Sunday morning.

This was one hard core, die hard group of drivers that was committed to riding the Raging Bull this year. And riding the Raging Bull we did; it was a blast! This year’s Stampede was absolutely, without a doubt, a great bunch of serious and skilled drivers in a group of great-looking cars riding a sometimes nasty bull in near-perfect weather. Many, many thanks go to all of the Bull Riders who made it such an awesome experience. More details of the day will be forthcoming in an upcoming newsletter issue and magazine article.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following individuals (in chronological order):
Rob J. a.k.a. Vkoslak for giving many many hours of his “free” time to put together the absolutely awesome RBTS web site. The value of the work that he contributed was probably in the many hundreds of dollars. He truly is a great friend and talented programmer. I am also thankful to his lovely wife for her patience and willingness to sacrifice many hours that she could’ve spent with her husband.

John Huckelba, a returning Bull Rider from last year’s Stampede who was very generous to donate a brand new Jim Wolf Technology (JWT) G35 '03+ Pop Charger air filter w/ heat shield (still shrink wrapped in its box). This kit can also be used in the 350Z and sells for $120 at

Mike Morrison, Parts Manager, Maxwell Nissan-Round Rock, Austin. He donated, on behalf of his dealership, two Igloo PlentiKool electric coolers (worth at least $125 each). We greatly appreciate his interest in and support of this event. I have known Mike at Round Rock Nissan for many years, and I don’t trust any other service shop with my car for service and repairs. The fact that my car could endure this year’s Raging Bull (you have to personally speak to one of the Bull Riders to truly appreciate the work-out we gave our cars) is, in large part, due to the excellent, affordable, and friendly service I have received from the folks at Round Rock Nissan for many years. Check them out if you live in Austin.

Rick Kulach, Dealer Operations Manager, South Central Region, Nissan North America, Inc. for donating a large number of prizes including two Nissan dress shirts, six Nissan t-shirts, four Nissan bottle holders, and 2 tickets to an upcoming Texas vs. Oklahoma college basketball game. We greatly appreciate his interest in and support of this event.

The 275 mile Stampede ended at The Oasis, which overlooks Lake Travis from 450 ft. above, for drinks and dinner. Some time before sunset, we did the drawings for the 16 prizes donated for this event. Every Bull Rider won at least one prize! Here are the winners:

Black Nissan dress shirt
John H.

Beige Nissan dress shirt
Sanjeev V.

Black Nissan t-shirt (3)
Jason T., Cung P., Dwayne D.

White Nissan t-shirt (3)
Rob J., Rob T., Floyd S.

Nissan bottle holders (4)
David B., Renee H., Patrick E., Dwayne D.

Texas vs. Oklahoma basketball tickets(2)
John H.

Igloo PlentiKool Coolers (2)
Floyd S., Patrick E.

JWT G35 '03+ Pop Charger air filter w/ heat shield
Renee H.

That all for now folks! I hope you can join us in next year’s Stampede.

The Tourmaster

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The rest of his artwork can be viewed at
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