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Article by Kay N. and Bob B.
for Z Club of Texas' Extra! newsletter

On April 16, Bob B., Dave O., Glen and Kay N., and Renee H. started the trip to the Texas Hill Country Blue Bonnet Drive by “dressing” Renee’s car. It took four people to put the bra on the front of her 350! Shunning the freeway, our caravan headed down Hwy 67 to Glen Rose and then picked up Hwy 28l for a scenic drive to the Hill Country to meet with members of the Austin Capital Z Club and the Tourmaster who was the Mastermind of the Blue Bonnet Drive event. If you remember, the Tourmaster is also the force behind the “Raging Bull Texas Stampede.”

Our first stop was at Dave O.’s parents, John and Dolores, who live in Sun City (Georgetown, TX.) They are the most gracious people and treated us to dinner at an on-site restaurant. Upon returning to their beautiful home, a birthday cake, complete with candles, was brought out along with delicious Blue Bell ice cream and it was party time with DaveO being the guest of honor. His folks got him the most beautiful putter any of us had ever seen, a clear blue middle surrounded by ¾” of clear glass!! Hope it improves his putting (I doubt it….Ed.) They then broke out the old (very old!) photo scrapbook and proceeded to show us pictures of DaveO “diving” into his first birthday cake. Needless to say, DaveO was a bit embarrassed….but naturally we friends would never make fun of him and the pictures of him with icing all over his face! No….not us “Friends”!

We spent the night in Round Rock and set out for Bee Caves Rd. (just west of Austin) early the next morning to meet with other Blue Bonnet Drive enthusiasts. Our total group included eight cars, two G35s, two 240SXs, one 300ZX TT, and three 350 Zs. Llano was our gas/get-lunch stop and we headed on to Enchanted Rock State Park. My first impression was, “That’s the ugliest hill I’ve ever seen!” As we got closer, I realized that ugly lump wasn’t a hill, it was a rock. A 300 foot tall rock! From our vantage point at the bottom, the people climbing (walking) to the top looked like ants. So we became “ants” and commenced to climb. Renee’s super-duper camera lens got a picture of us way up on top waving.

After lunch in the Park’s picnic area, we continued south to the Willow City Loop. This is actually a one and a half lane private road through several ranches and it was crowded with other vehicles, motorcycles and wild flowers galore in the meadows along each side. Came across an unusual car, convertible, long horns on hood, lots of road kill symbols and stirrups hanging out of the doors. Only in TX…..

After lots of picture taking we went back to Llano for a snack/potty break and then down Hwy 29 to “The Llano Nest” to see the eaglets. There is a Bald Eagle family living only a few hundred feet from the highway and a lot of people stop to try to see them from a viewing area. Unfortunately there were no sightings that day. But, we did see the most beautiful sight of Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush in the front yard of the Sullivan’s. They allow viewers to come onto their property as long as you stay on the drive. We complied with said request and got some great photos of the cars lined up on the road with all the flowers in the foreground. Our search for wild flowers was a total success!

But the trip wasn’t over. Just before reaching Inks Lake State Park, Bob’s radio went crazy during the announcement of the “castle on the left.” So when Bob saw the castle on the left (this is a real honest to goodness castle like the ones you would see in Germany) he was kind enough to point it out to the group. Needless to say, there was lots of kidding at the next stop.

As the day was ending, we arrived at the famous Blue Bonnet Café in Marble Falls for an early dinner. Our waitress became “one of us” and joined right in with our kidding and made the meal an event (even without ice cream for the pie!) But the real dessert came when Governor Perry arrived and joined us at our table for a visit. Turns out Alicia, that’s Mrs. Perry, used to have a ’79 280 Z and loved it! As we were leaving the restaurant, the last words from our very good natured and fun loving waitress were: "Thanks!  Y'all made my day!!" (Even though she had no idea who the Governor was!)

So what could possible top that you ask?? Well, try driving Lime Creek Road along the east side of Lake Travis at dusk. It’s a road that was meant for Z Cars (and mountain goats!) What a memorable day.

After a good night’s sleep and just before leaving Round Rock on Sunday morning, DaveO’s folks met with us again for a Mexican breakfast and more joking and laughter. Glen was feeling good that morning and grabbed the check from the waiter and announced “I’ll buy!” In typical John O. humor (Dave’s Dad), he said “Glen, you sure don’t talk much but when you do, you sure make up for it!” As a side bar, the good night’s sleep referred to came only after finally ending our collective worry for Renee when she went back with some others Sat. night to run the Lime Creek Road in the opposite direction. She was having so much fun she didn’t hear her cell phone ringing and the Tourmaster apparently turned his off. Not only could we not contact her or the Tourmaster, we saw three pesky Sheriff's cars “quickly and silently” heading toward Lime Creek Road!

The weekend was topped off, on our way north on I35, when we spotted a 1956 Chevy made into a New York City Taxi, followed by a very old Chrysler Imperial that should have been in an art museum the way it was so elaborately painted (but still can’t figure out the vanity license plate it had ….”YARN”.)

We all want to thank the Tourmaster for putting this together as well as all the folks who participated. This was truly one of the very best road trips that any of us have taken and we all look forward to next year and another adventure in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.

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