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This event is organized for Nissan and Infiniti cars only (see FAQ).


Friday, January 27, 2006

2 pm Pre-Stampede gathering in Austin, Texas (optional)
2:15 pm Drivers Meeting
2:30 pm Depart Austin for Pre-Stampede 'Drive' (1) to Kerrville, Texas
5 pm Check-in for Stampede opens at hotel in Kerrville, Texas
5 - 6 pm Unwind, meet, and greet
6:30 pm Dinner at local favorite restaurant (optional)
First drawing for prizes
8 pm - ??? Car Talk in parking lot
Enjoy hot-tub
Watch car videos
Watch car-related movie in our very own hospitality lounge

Saturday, January 28, 2006
7 - 8 am Check-in for Stampede (yawn...)
7 - 8 am Breakfast at hotel
8 am Group photos
8:15 am Drivers Orientation Meeting (mandatory)
Drawing for prizes
8:30 am Bull Riders: Ride the Raging Bull (2)
Horse Riders: Tour the area at a leisurely pace (tour maps will be provided)
All Others: Participate in various activities in and around Kerrville
10:00 am Group photo at scenic lookout point
12:00 pm Lunch at favorite local restaurant
Drawing for prizes
5:30 pm Dinner at The Lakehouse, a local favorite
Drawing for prizes, awards, and other announcements
7 pm - ??? Car Talk in the parking lot
Enjoy hot-tub
Watch car-related movie in our very own hospitality lounge

Sunday, January 29, 2006
7:30 - 8:30 am Check-in for Stampede (new arrivals only)
7:30 - 8:30 am Breakfast at hotel
8:30 am Check out of Y.O. Ranch Resort Hotel
8:45 am Drivers meeting (mandatory)
Drawing for prizes
9 am Bull Riders: Ride the Raging Bull to meeting point for lunch (3)
Horse Riders: Drive at a leisurely pace to the meeting point for lunch
12 pm Lunch at well-known local restaurant
Drawing for prizes
1 pm Farewell to all. Reluctantly return to normal life.

(1) About 120 miles of the best driving roads in Texas
(2) About 300 miles of the best driving roads in Texas
(3) About 150 miles of the best driving roads in Texas


Start location Kerrville, Texas which is located about 2 hours west of Austin in the heart of the Hill Country.
Stampede Route Detailed route maps will be provided at Drivers Meetings. The Raging Bull is about 300 miles on Saturday and about 150 miles on Sunday morning. Please don't write the Tourmaster asking for route maps; as a rule he does not give out route maps either before or after the Stampede.
Registration Required. Click here to go to online registration.
Registration fee FREE if you register before January 22; $10 per car thereafter.
Accommodations The beautiful Y.O. Ranch Resort Hotel with comfortable and spacious rooms. Please check out the Y.O. Resort page for more details.
Hospitality Lounge This will be the HQs for registration, refreshments, snacks, general announcements, and watching movies.
Hot tub tub. Yes, there will be one available. You can then go jump in the regular ice-cold pool ten feet away if your heart can handle it. There will be no pretty nurses around to give you CPR, so you may not make it to the hospital.
Activities for non-riding spouses In addition to use of the hospitality lounge we will try to offer some alternative activities for spouses and other persons who may not want to ride along in any of the cars. Kerrville offers an array of activities including but not limited to historic downtown Kerrville, the headquarters of the nationally acclaimed James Avery Craftsman shop, the Kerrville-Schreiner Park on the Guadalupe river, and the Museum of Western Art. Historic Fredericksburg is only 20 minutes away. More information to follow. In the meantime, check out the Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau for more information.
Parking Our group will have its own dedicated parking area.
Security There will be security patrols all night till morning.
Car Washing A washing station will be made available for washing our driving machines. Water is FREE! You may bring your own bucket and towels. Power outlets will also be available for electrical tools. If you prefer to use a manual or automated car wash nearby facilities are available.
Prizes Corporate sponsors will be solicited to collect as many prizes to give away as possible. Only one person per vehicle (the owner) will be eligible to participate in drawings. There is no cost to eligible participants for any of the prizes. No purchase will be necessary to qualify for the drawings. Prizes will be given away throughout the weekend - if you are present at a scheduled prize giveaway, you may qualify for the drawing. You may participate in the drawing if the prize can be used on your vehicle e.g. if the prize is for use on a G35 or 350Z, only those drivers who own a G35 or 350Z which can use the part will be eligible for the drawing; 300ZX owners will not be eligible. The opposite situation may occur as well. We will try to solicit a wide variety of sponsors so that everyone can leave with something. Of course, all vehicle owners will be eligible to participate in drawings involving Nissan, Infiniti, and Nismo apparel and accessories.


As the organizer of this event, the Tourmaster is responsible, both morally and legally, to do whatever possible – within reason – to ensure that this is a safe event for everyone. Therefore, the following requirements have been instituted:

Eligibility Given that good driving habits are mostly the result of sound judgment and driving experience, all drivers and navigators are required to be at least 25 years old. This rule was established based on the nature of the event and experience at previous Stampedes. Drivers and navigators younger than 25 may be allowed to participate if they are recommended by an Officer of an official and recognized Z or G Club directly to the Tourmaster via email. This will allow drivers who are known by their club's leadership to possess good driving habits to participate in the event as a driver.
License & Insurance All drivers and navigators will be required to bring a valid driver's license, proof of automobile liability insurance coverage, and a photocopy of both to the event. Please don't complain to the Tourmaster: You would be required the same at any track event plus you shouldn't be driving if you don't have them with you.
Waivers Each participant (driver, navigator, and all passengers) will be required to sign waivers agreeing not to sue the event organizers, event volunteers, Club Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, or Special Sponsors for any damages to their person or property resulting from their participation in this event.
Safety Each participating car will be required to have one functioning radio (walkie-talkie) which is compatible with Motorola radios. Given the nature of this event, the timely communication of road hazard information between drivers contributes greatly to the safety of the drivers. Most radios are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased from Walmart or Best Buy. In addition to the safety aspect, radios also contribute greatly to your driving enjoyment by allowing you to participate in entertaining conversations that go on throughout the day. In past drives, many people who didn’t have them felt left out of many conversations and in the dark regarding what was going on.
Safety Each vehicle owner will be required to have their vehicle inspected at a shop of their choice and have a basic technical inspection form completed by a qualified technician.

Please don't complain to the Tourmaster: You would be required the same at any track event plus you will thank the Tourmaster you did this after realizing the workout your car will receive. This is for your safety and the safety of those driving near you. This will also help you avoid having a mechanical breakdown hundreds of miles from the nearest dealership.

If driver and navigator are NOT at least 25 years old OR
if driver and navigator have not already received the aforementioned recommendation OR
if driver and navigator do not have a valid driver's license OR
if driver and navigator do not have proof of auto. liability insurance OR
if all participants do not agree to sign the waivers OR
if driver does not bring one functioning Motorola-compatible radio OR
if driver and/or owner has not had his/her vehicle inspected at a reputable shop and has not had the technical inspection form completed by a qualified technician and if his/her vehicle does not meet the technical specifications required on the inspection form,

please do NOT even THINK about just showing up for the Stampede. You will not only anger the Tourmaster but will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Safety No alcoholic beverages are allowed in any participating car during the event. Each participating car will be inspected for compliance.

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