Great cars.
Great people.
Driven with passion.
On a Raging Bull.
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The Raging Bull Texas Stampede IV

January 27-28, 2007
Starting in Austin, Texas

The Raging Bull embodies some of the most challenging and scenic
backcountry roads in the great state of Texas.

It will take you through twists, turns, dips and peaks...
you'll have to work hard to keep yourself from
being thrown off of the Raging Bull.

The harder you ride it, the harder it will try to throw you off of its back.

We'll ride this bull for 550 miles before getting off and going home.

How well can you ride the Raging Bull?

Saddle up with us and find out.

The Raging Bull Texas Stampede is a weekend-long driving event
designed to bring together enthusiasts who have a passion for
driving their cars the way they were designed to be.
It is considered by many to be the most thrilling (and demanding!)
driving event in Texas.

The Raging Bull Texas Stampede is planned to start in Austin, Texas
on Saturday, January 27. After check-in and a drivers meeting,
we'll saddle up and ride the Raging Bull for 300+ miles.
Dinner and other activities will be enjoyed in historic Granbury, Texas.

On Sunday morning, the Motorsport Ranch, the longest private road course
in Texas, will be expecting us for classroom instruction and driving.
This is not an opportunity to be missed! After driving on the track,
we'll ride the Raging Bull for 250+ more miles back to Austin to
enjoy the sunset over dinner at one of this city's cherished landmarks.

Click here for details regarding the weekend program.

Depending on where you live, you can come for only one of the days or the whole weekend.

Beginning this year, this event is open to sports cars of all makes and models!
All Porsche, BMW, Miata, Corvette, MINI, Nissan Z, Infiniti, Mustang, Lotus, Mazda RX-7 and RX-8, Ferrari, and Honda S2000 clubs in Texas have been invited.

To maximize the enjoyment and safety of participants, the group will be limited to 25 cars.

Advance registration is required. There is a registration fee.

Have a question? Need more information? Email the Tourmaster.

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