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Great people.
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The Raging Bull Texas Stampede XI

February 6-8, 2015
Starting in Austin, Texas

This event is open to sports cars of all makes and models.

To maximize the enjoyment and safety of participants, the group will be limited to 25 cars.
[If there is more interest, we may allow more cars by dividing the group into two sub-groups.]

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View registrations received/confirmed

Advance registration is required.

The Registration Fee2,3,4 is $2505 per car
A $1505 refundable Safety Deposit6 is also required.

     Your registration fee includes:
  1. Spirited 630 mile drive through the hill country led by The Tourmaster
  2. The experience of driving the most challenging and scenic country roads in Texas
  3. The safest spirited driving tour in Texas, maybe the country
  4. The unmatched camaraderie of 40+ of the coolest driving enthusiasts in Texas
  5. Rush of adrenaline from a couple thousand high-G turns over hundreds of miles
  6. The thrill of thousands of feet of elevation changes
  7. Several negative-G dips and zero-gravity humps
  8. Hundreds of miles of beautiful hill country scenery
  9. Entire road trip previewed for road hazards
  10. Detailed driving directions and maps of the entire trip
  11. Memories of an unforgettable road trip
The entire weekend is organized for you.
All you have to do is show up ready to drive and have a great time.

To register click here.

Have a question?
Need more information?
Email the Tourmaster.

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  1. If fixed expenses can be funded through corporate sponsorships, the Stampede may happen as scheduled with fewer than 25 cars. [You can help get corporate sponsors so that the Stampede happens as scheduled!]

  2. Portions of the registration fee will be refunded if certain sponsorships are sold.

  3. Please note that the Registration Fee does not include the cost of overnight accommodations, dining, gas or any of your other personal expenses.

  4. Subject to the Terms & Conditions listed here.

  5. This rate is when payment is made by check. The rate is a little higher when paid by PayPal due to PayPal fees (which are 0.029% + $0.30.) The Registration Fee and Safety Deposit are $258 and $155, respectively, when paid by PayPal. You will receive payment instructions during the registration process. To register click here.

  6. The Safety Deposit is to:
    1. motivate participants to complete all administrative tasks in advance so that we can start riding the Raging Bull without delay on Saturday and
    2. support the Tourmaster in the event of incidents which could arise due to the risks of driving the lead vehicle

    Every participant who follows the registration process in a timely manner, attends the mandatory meetings with their vehicle and mandatory functioning radio, and completes the Raging Bull Texas Stampede in accordance with all the driving rules outlined in the Participant Guide will receive a full refund of their Safety Deposit assuming the Tourmaster does not receive a speeding ticket and is not in an accident which causes injury to himself and damage to his vehicle. Please click here to read the Terms & Conditions for the Safety Deposit.

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