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Another "Spouse-Friendly" Driving Event from The Tourmaster

Getaway to Gatesville
for Drive-In Movie and Car Show

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A much shorter, de-tuned, more relaxed, and
non-turbo version of the Raging Bull Texas Stampede.

This drive is open to all makes and models.

The quintessential drive-in experience is something
that's almost disappeared now; many under the age of 30
have probably never seen a movie under the stars in a car.

Come join us for a blast to the past1.
Re-live the memories of going to a drive-in or
experience for the first time how your parents
used to watch all of the wonders from Hollywood
under a canopy no movie theather can duplicate:
the central Texas night sky.

The Tourmaster has put together a scenic and fun route, mostly country roads, from Austin to Gatesville (for those of you who are not familiar with Gatesville, it is located about 35 miles west of Waco). The drive will be about 150 miles long. Most Stampede driving rules apply; please read the Participant Guide (see exceptions noted below) for driving rules everyone is expected to follow to ensure a safe and enjoyable drive. All the roads are good and there is no gravel until until we reach the parking lot of the drive-in theater. There will be one restroom break halfway through the route. Bring your own food for picnic-style dinner at the drive-in or you may purchase dinner from nearby Gatesville restaurants on our way in or from the theater's concession stand. The plan is to arrive at the drive-in early enough to settle ourselves in prime real estate as a group and have time to visit and check out each others' cars as well as the cars in the car show.

This will be the drive-in's special annual car show weekend. We've never been to the car show weekend, so we don't know what to expect. The Tourmaster's been told that participating cars come to the drive-in Saturday night and the patrons pick the "Best at the Picture Show". Gates and golf course open at 6:00 pm. A hula-hoop contest starts at 7:30 pm, and the movies at 8:00 pm.

The movies at the Gatesville drive-in theater are 'Cars' (rated G) at 8:00 pm and Invincible (rated PG) at 9:45 pm. Cost is $10 a carload for both movies and attending the car show. So bring your friends and family! This facility does not accept credit cards so please bring enough cash for admission and other purchases.

You can leave the drive-in at any time you wish. The safest and quickest way back to Austin is via I-35 and about 80 miles.

No registration is necessary. Just show up at the starting point. If you are planning on joining us, email the Tourmaster so that he will have an idea of how many maps to print and he can let you know if there are changes to the schedule.

Plan on arriving at the starting point (with a full tank of gas) no later than 2:00 pm to sign the waiver and mingle with the crowd. The drivers meeting will start at 2:15 pm and we'll depart promptly at 2:30 pm. There will be a drawing for prizes for those who signed the waiver form by 2:00 pm.

Each car is required to have one Motorola-compatible radio for safety purposes; it allows each driver to receive updates and critical warnings regarding safety hazards ahead. In addition, you get to hear and participate in quite a bit of fun conversations.

Maps will be provided at the starting point. Please be ready to give $2.00 for a set of maps (since we have to pay to get them printed). (Please do not ask for maps or the route description in advance as none will be provided.)

The drive is FREE, however, donations to support planning of the RB Texas Stampede IV (in early 2007) will be gladly accepted.

Have a question? Need more information? Email the Tourmaster.


  • If you are planning on joining us, email the Tourmaster so that he will have an idea of how many maps to print and he can let you know if there are changes to the schedule.

  • Please read the Participant Guide. All applicable rules listed there MUST be followed by all participants. Everything in that list applies to this event except for the parts about the technical inspection form and the bit about clothing. These rules have been established to ensure a safe and enjoyable drive for the participants as well as the public.

  • A Motorola-compatible radio is required in each car to receive updates and warnings throughout the drive.

  • Definitely come with a full tank of gas. (It's not nice to hold up everyone; we will leave without you.)

  • Bring your chairs and whatever refreshments you want to have. All kinds of drinks, popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, snacks, candy and much are available from the concession stand.

  • Bring a jacket and blanket in case it gets a little chilly.

  • This facility does not accept credit cards so please bring enough cash for admission and other purchases.

  • DO bring bug spray.

  • DO bring lawn chairs.

  • DO bring a jam box. Even the best car stereos can sound muddy when you're sitting in front of the car.
    A jam box with radio behind your head can bring out the finer subtleties of dialogue.

  • DO feel comfortable socializing with your fellow movie-goers beforehand, but be considerate after the movie has started.

  • DON'T bring a laser pointer. That's just rude, and can get you thrown right out.

  • DON'T let your kids run amok while the movie is running.

  • DON'T leave your dome light on. If you keep the doors open, figure out some way to kill the dome light.

  • DON'T turn on your headlights if you leave the drive-in early; use your parking lights.

  • DON'T honk if there's a projector problem. It's not clever, it's just rude.

(1) This is a great event to bring your young kids so they can have a drive-in theater experience.

The lot is beginning to fill up on a Saturday night.

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