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This is a "Spouse-Friendly" Event

The Post-Stampede Blue Bonnet Drive
through the Hill Country

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Heavily de-tuned, non-turbo version of the RB Texas Stampede

Slow enough for the whole family* to enjoy!

We'll take in the springtime hill country views at a leisurely pace,
stop at several scenic spots,
have a picnic lunch** at the Enchanted Rock***,
enjoy the beautiful views of the Willow City Loop,
try to spot some bald eagles,
drive through Inks Lake State Park,
and have dinner at the famous Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls.

Couldn’t bring your wife to past Stampedes because you feared she would divorce you
after riding the first 10 miles? Well, you definitely won’t need a lawyer after this
drive…because it’s not a Raging Bull! This bull will be about as excited as Eeyore.

WARNING: This is NOT an RB Texas Stampede!

This tour will present a whole different challenge to Bull Riders of past
Stampedes (including the Tourmaster himself): Your ability to restrain the
natural urges of your right foot. You have been forewarned! Just kick back,
relax, and enjoy the springtime colors and aroma.

The drive is about 182 miles long, including some of
the most recommended routes for viewing blue bonnets.

No registration is necessary. Just show up at the starting point****.
If you are planning on joining us, email me and I'll add your name to the list below
so that everyone else will know you're coming.

Plan on arriving at the starting point by 8:30 am (with a full tank of gas).
After signing waiver and a driver's meeting, we'll depart at 8:45 am,
and complete the tour no later than 5:00 pm*****.

The drive is FREE. Donations to support planning of the
RB Texas Stampede III (in 2006) will be gladly accepted.

Have a question? Need more information? Email the Tourmaster.

Come with a full tank of gas.
Bring enough lunch and drinks for yourself.
(I will bring a cooler with ice)
There will be one break before lunch to purchase drinks.
Definitely bring your camera (with plenty of film).
Wear tennis shoes or hiking boots.
Consider bringing a blanket or something to sit on during lunch.
Make sure to put on sun screen and
consider putting on a hat.
If you have walkie-talkies, bring along for
communication while driving. We'll be on channel 5/0.

Raging Bull Texas Stampede veterans and fans
Capital Z of Texas, Sport Z Club, Houston Z Club, Z Club of Texas, Cowtown Z Club, Big Country Z Club, 350Z Roadster Club community community

Glen & Kay N. from Dallas (300ZX)
Bob B. from Dallas (350Z)
Dave O. from Dallas
Renee H. from Dallas (350Z 35th AE)
Jerry V. & son from Austin (350Z)
Dave & Joyce B. from Houston (G35 Sedan)
John & Susan K. from Austin (240SX)
Zabear a.k.a. Mark from Austin
Tani & Rob J. from Austin (240SX)
(this list is only the people who have emailed me;
there will probably be many more who haven't emailed me)

(*) Children are welcome.
(**) Please bring your own lunch and drinks. Before lunch, we will stop
at a store along the drive route to pick up drinks, snacks, etc.
Consider bringing a backpack to carry your lunch, etc. up the trails.
(***) If the park is not full. Entry Fee: $5 per person.
My wife recommends that you wear long pants if you
want to be extra safe with the trek up Enchanted Rock.
(****) Starting point is in west Austin in the HEB parking lot located
at the intersection of Hwy 71 and FM 2244 (in front of Starbucks Coffee).
Directions to starting point (PDF file)
(*****) Of course, you can leave and return home at any time during the day.
Drive ends in Marble Falls. Also, we will be done two hours earlier if we can't get into the Enchanted Rock State Park.

Image used within Raging Bull Texas Stampede logo belongs to Jeff Bucchino.
The rest of his artwork can be viewed at
Website by Vkoslak.