Great cars.
Great people.
Driven with passion.
On a Raging Bull.
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The Post-Stampede Bluebonnet Tour
through the Hill Country

Saturday, April 5, 2008
(rain date is April 12)

Starts in Austin

Heavily de-tuned, non-turbo, relaxed version
of the Raging Bull Texas Stampede

Slow enough for the whole family1 to enjoy!

We'll glide across the hill country at an unscary pace
with several scenic spots as our destinations.

Our adventurous journey will begin with a climb up
Enchanted Rock2 where all will become hypnotized by
the breath-taking views from atop.

You've never climbed Enchanted Rock? Then don't miss this chance.

After a picnic lunch at the base of the Enchanted Rock,
we'll wander down some narrow twisty roads through
Coal Creek valley, crossing the creek several times, in the shadows of the
hundreds-of-feet-high sheer northern and eastern cliffs of Coal Creek.

A jump off those cliffs will plunge us into a sea of wildflowers.
The spring breezes will then carry us by Inks Lake State Park and
Longhorn Caverns. And, at the end, we will revisit memories and cement
our friendships over dinner at a very interesting new (but it's old) restaurant 3.

There may even be a surprise visit to a magical place.
Only those who've seen it believe it's true.

Are you interested?

(Click on link above if you are)

(1) Children are very welcome.   If you don't have any children
then find some and bring them because they will love it!
(2) If the park is not full.   Park entry fee is $6 per person.
(3) This is one of the best kept secrets in Texas. The Tourmaster has made special arrangements
for a catered all-you-can-eat country-style dinner including:
brisket (very good and comparable to the best in Texas according to the Tourmaster)
chicken (they claim it's their best meat), 
pork ribs (the Tourmaster's favorite there but that's probably because he's never tried the chicken),
sausage, cole slaw, potato salad, beans, condiments, tea or soft-drink, sales tax, utensils, napkins, ice in your drink, air-conditioning, lighting, credit card payment fees, shipping and handling, postage, processing fees, friendly country service, parking (basically everything) for $12.95 per person.

The restaurant owner claims that several scenes in the movie The Newton Boys (1998) starring Matthew McConaughey, Ethan Hawke, and Vincent D'Onofrio were shot in this building for which the producers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating for this movie. This restaurant has been around for a while but this location is brand new and virtually unknown (it was still being prepared at the time the Tourmaster visited it). Our group may be the first group to dine there. We may make history!

The catered all-you-can-eat dinner will be available only if at least 20 people RSVP.

Image used within Raging Bull Texas Stampede logo belongs to Jeff Bucchino.
The rest of his artwork can be viewed at
Website by Vkoslak.